*Balancepoint Studios offers the best of both worlds with certified Yoga & Pilates Teachers and Personal Trainers all at one beautiful location.

Offering Group classes in:

Light Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Power Yoga-

Chill Yoga

Men's Contrology Pilates

Contemporary and Classical  Pilates 

Pilates/Yoga fusion

Barre Class 

Fitness Conditioning  

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Personal Training: Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Weight-loss
New Age Modalities: Reiki,  Angel & Goddess Card Readings , Meditation  Heath, Wellness and Spiritual workshops


Our  New Location:

75 Washington Street,

Pembroke Pointe-Unit H-I,

Rte 53

Pembroke MA 02359

    (rear entrance)

 Dawne 617-750-8101

Laurette: 617-435-3185